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The Town of Göd Gains a New Public Space

The Town of Göd will gain a new public space in the near future. Thanks to a grant awarded by the Norway Grants, our town got the opportunity to renew Kincsem's stable, the life of which was full of vicissitudes.
The reconstruction of the building is not merely an architectural renewal as the space gets important new functions as well.

Like a museum, displaying authentic furniture, Kincsem's stable will exhibit how and where the “miracle mare” lived. A workshop presenting blacksmithing and leatherworking, exhibition spaces as well as a multi-purpose hall suitable for organising public events, presentations, and cultural events will also be located in other parts of the building complex. Furthermore, two washrooms and a café and ice cream parlour will be available for the guests in the building.

Besides the statue of Kincsem, several pieces of public furniture and an open-air stage will allow meaningful activities in the garden surrounded by the stable building.
The objective of the project is twofold. On one hand, the Kincsem cult that lives to this day makes the former stable a significant memorial site of the domestic horse breeding and equestrian sport. That is why, maintaining it in a state it deserves, is a serious responsibility and one of the tasks of this HUF 152 million project.

On the other hand, the public space to be developed according to the plan will play a new and important role in the cultural life of Göd, where we have the chance to transmit significant cultural values to both local residents and visitors to the town.

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