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Reconstruction of Kincsem Stables Making Good Progress

The reconstruction of the Kincsem stables is making good progress. Members of a consortium established specifically for carrying out this project are working continuously so that the former stable building can be revived as a community space in the very near future.
Within the framework of a project amounting to a total of HUF 152 million, the original facade will be rebuilt, a multi-purpose cultural area will be established, together with a bicycle point and a café, while an outdoor theater stage and outdoor furniture will be placed in the courtyard.
Currently, the walls have been reinforced and the new concrete frame is completed. The experts have also finished carpentry and tinsmith tasks and installed the tiled roofing. The former level of the courtyard has been elevated. The rooftop windows, rainwater system, the curbs and the partition walls have been installed, according to information provided on the project status by Julianna Popele, chief department manager responsible for investment and city management at the Göd Town Municipality.
All in all, everything is in place to be able to deliver the project to the citizens of the town and the public at large by the planned deadline, that is the end of April.

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