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Kincsem Racehorse Stables Renewed

The former stables of the legendary Hungarian race horse, Kincsem, is being revived in Göd as a community and cultural center.

Prior to the completion of the Budapest-Vác railway line, this building had housed a horse station and tavern, and already served as a stable during the second half of the 19th century. The place became widely renowned due to Kincsem, as it was home to the world famous miracle mare during the best years of her career. During the past decades, this locally protected building stood vacant. Last year, this town, located in Pest county, had the opportunity to renew this property due to a subsidy received within the “EEA Financial Mechanism 2009 to 2014, Preservation and Renewal of Cultural and Natural Heritage” program.

As a result of this grand investment, a complex has been created which provides cultural and community functions, which can be one of the facilities laying the foundation for attracting tourists to this region.
A memorial site will be established in the renewed building that will commemorate the career of the miracle mare, in addition to an exhibition hall housing permanent and periodic exhibitions, one hall dedicated to ancient crafts, as well as a bicycle point serving tourists arriving by bicycles, and a café.

During the renewal of this deservingly reborn property, the original facade was reconstructed, and a multipurpose hall was also constructed that can be used for presentations, screenings, musical and dance programs. Two accessible restrooms are open to visitors, while the large, square, paved courtyard can also function as an outdoor stage.
The multifunctional implementation of this approximately 250 year old building meets today’s expectations. This way, the former stable has become suitable for receiving the most varied types of events.

According to József Markó, the mayor of the city: “After its renewal, the Kincsem stables is expected to be a popular destination for tourists from home and abroad. Visitors can arrive on foot, by bicycle, car, or even by water to the facility located in the vicinity of the Danube, the Budapest-Szob bicycle route, and main route 2. This deservedly renewed location will once again be an important memorial site of Hungarian equestrian culture”.

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