Places of Interest

  1. Főoldal
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  3. Places of Interest
  • Sand Island
  • Széchenyi Spring
  • Tomb of Elemér Szudy (by Zsigmond Kisfaludy Stróbl, 1944)
  • Szapáry-Hajcsi castle (Madách Street, 1870-1880)
  • Shäffer castle (1920)
  • Piarist Technical College (Tost-Wigner villa)
  • Statue of Petőfi (by Gyula Sziklai rezident, 1968)
  • László Németh Primary School (Szécsi castle)
  • Plaque of Miklós Nemeskéri-Kiss colonel of the Hungarian War of Independence in 1848-49 (64 Nemeskéri Road)
  • Nemeskéri-Kiss Mansion (early 19th centuty)
  • MTA (Hungarian Academy of Science) Ecological and Botanical Research Institute (László Arany-Huzella villa, 1846)
  • Madách castle (around 1710)
  • Statue of Kossuth (1948)
  • Kincsem stable
  • Kincsem wayside inn (1736-1820)
  • Attila József Community Center (Byciclist Wayside Inn)
  • Statue of László Iván-Kovács (Kincsem park)
  • Plaque of László Iván-Kovács (Iván Kovács-László Street)
  • Costa Constantinum military post with 12 round based tower from the Roman era (Excavation in 2001)
  • Half-length portrait of Fülöp Beck Ö.
  • Göd commemoration to the 150th anniversary of the railway’s start up and to Ferenc Pesti, the engine-driver of the first train on the wall of the station (1999)